When did I become all about money and the things that it brings? Being a photographer feels good. I can’t believe people pay ME to do what I love to do… But they do. And I think I’m good at it. I know I can get better. Yet right now, I don’t get paid enough to take pictures to live on it. So I need a job that pays the bills. But I can’t get a job that is too rigid or I will never do photography again. And I can’t get one that pays too little or then I will be forced to pick up more and more jobs until all my time is taken up with meaningless things. So I interviewed today with a job that could pay the bills and give me the flexibility to do photography as well. And you know that feeling that you have before something is set in stone? Where everything is possible and you can say and think things without consequences. Where I can live in a place with my own room and a balcony and a fireplace and a dishwasher… oh the possibilities! But then tomorrow comes and the job doesn’t happen and I am still sharing a room (with a lovely lady of course) and I’m wondering how long I can last without a “real” job. I am not going to give up on photography, but it’s not an easy road there. So I just pray that a job comes that will allow me some freedom… and I realize that if that works then God is really taking care of me. And I am blessed. I know it takes sacrifice to be where you want to be and I hope I can push myself to work for it.