After years of being involved in the saga of Harry and his wonderful world of wizardry, it has come to an end for him… and me. If you haven’t, read the books, I implore you to because J.K. Rowling is an amazing author and her imagination is only rivaled by the greats: LewisTolkien, and any others who can make a world all on their own. I was so invested in Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hogwarts’ future that it’s all my roommate and I could talk about for months. And now we’re both done reading. It provided laughs, and tears, and gasps, and a lot of fond memories and rooting for my favorite characters. Never have I been so invested because with the stories of Narnia and Middle Earth, their fates were sealed; I could read the end of their stories as fast as I could read (which is quite quickly, ask my friends). Yet with Harry, I had to wait, year after year, to know what adventure he was on next. And where my roommate feels no reason to go on, I, after crying for 5 minutes alone in my apartment, found that Harry’s story ending gave me a hope and a will that I haven’t felt in a long time. Because Harry, and I hope this doesn’t spoil it for anyone, needed to give up his life for everyone. Not only his friends, which is what probably spurred him on the most, but for those who were fighting for the cause of good and for those people and creatures he met along the way. He loved so deeply and selflessly that it was only him who could vanquish Death and Lord Voldemort. And the best part of the story, by far, is that every single story in every single book, was leading Harry up to this point in his life. There was nothing Rowling left out that proved his existence more thoroughly: Harry existed to save the world (or at least Great Britain and its neighbors) from the very worst kind of evil. And I don’t care if people call this anti-Christian, they are wrong. It supports our beliefs more than any other non-fiction out there… The one blameless sacrifices himself for the rest of us. There is no truer story of love than that. And that’s all God. And all Christ. And for that story (and Harry’s story) I will forever be grateful.