I LOVE love.

there i said it.

i love those little moments where a tear falls from her eye as she says her vows; when his eyes light up as she shows him her dress for the first time; when the ring bearer tears down the aisle; when the flower girl catches the bouquet; when dad tells that embarrassing story about that one time… you get it.you can can call me k, katie, katrina or kate. i am so blessed to be able to capture these moments. thanks for having me along for the ride!

[i also love my iphone, soy-chai lattes, my husband, my lady baby, morning walks to the surf break, cruising in my bike, and rocking the world one headband at a time.]

i’m based out of ventura california, but i’m always in los angeles county and love to travel to my old home in san diego county as well! and my heart pitter-patters at the thought of travel, so please ask!



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