so a few years ago, I got to thinking that tattoos are cool and something I wanted to get on my own body. so I did it. and then a year later I got it changed because I just didn’t like it that much. and then 3 months later I got another one. and then a year after that I got this little gem you see above. now before you start judging me as a tattooed freak, you should know that they all have something to do with the Lord. that makes me normal, right? no, I guess not. but when I was doing that thinking all those years ago, I remembered that tattoos are forever. recently, a good friend of mine reminded me that they don’t rub off. and in my head, I said, good. because I kinda like this ink on my skin that keeps on telling me that I think God is cool too. and no matter how hard or how much I want to forget that sometimes, I can’t. because it’s right there on my wrist and on my other wrist and on my back to remind me. and I know that we shouldn’t have to tattoo ourselves to remind us that we think God is cool and that He loves us, but for me, and for other people I know, it’s a unique, albeit addicting, way to remember.