so i grew up on the outskirts of LA and lived there through college and a couple years afterward, but i never caught the acting bug… except for the few times freshman year when i was convinced by my floormates to be on their scripted tv show about our floor and the other time when i went to a birthday party for one of the hills stars. other than the first fun experience, which thankfully never made it to youtube, and the second time when my leg got cut from the shot of spencer and heidi, i’ve had no desire to put myself into tv or movies. i like being behind the camera, clearly. so when preston’s sister asked if i wanted to be an extra for a reality tv show, i said, sure. number 1: my days in san diego have consisted of me being in front of a computer working and watching old seasons of 30 rock on netflix so i wanted to get out of the house and number 2: i thought it might be fun, especially because it was in temecula wine country.

now i won’t say what show it is just in case you watch this show and love it and think that everything is real. but it’s not. i mean, i experienced it a little at the aforementioned birthday party, but for the most part, things happened and that was it. this wedding, however, was between two actors and preston’s sister was a bridesmaid. now, i will say, it was funny to watch because there were definitely more then a couple takes per scene to make sure they got all the angles they needed. and call me naive, but i at least thought if they had a wedding on the show, the people were really getting married. nope, it’s all a sham. my dreams of who these reality show characters are were crushed.

okay, it wasn’t that dramatic and it required sitting around a lot waiting for shooting to start… and i did get a free glass of champagne out of the deal. but isn’t anything sacred anymore?